Peter Hunt Table For Sale

The history of this table from my mother's account.

My aunt and uncle (both deceased) lived in Washington D.C. My aunt wanted a table to place in a screened upstairs porch. Her girlfriend, Marnie Clifford (The Cliffords from President Johnson's term) took Aunt Betty shopping and they purchased this table. When Aunt Betty and Uncle Don passed away, my father - Aunt Betty's brother - inherited this table.

Dad has passed away and we are moving mother into my house for her end of life care, 92 and blind, and neither myself nor brother and sister-in-law nor my nephew want the table.

As you can see in the slideshow, wear on both ends of the table, plus some glue is needed on the legs. There are two chairs - one is broken on one side of the seat.

The set is located in Ashland, Virginia - North of Richmond on I 95.

Table length: 60". Width with table leaves open: 37". Width without using the leaves: 17". Height from floor: 30". The 2 chairs: seat is 15" x 13"; height from floor to seat: 17"; height from floor to top of chair: 32".

Below is a slideshow of the table. Place your mouse over the picture to pause the photo. For the full 2500 pixel photo, you'll need to email me and I'll send a travel drive.


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